Isabel Marant to open a boutique in Crocus City Mall

Isabel Marant to open a boutique in Crocus City Mall
The first single-brand store of French fashion brand Isabel Marant is slated to open on the first floor of Crocus City Mall in September 2019. This new Russian based location will house the main line, a selection of the casual and affordable Isabel Marant Etoile collection, and her line of handbags and shoes.

Mirroring the artful sophistication and pioneering spirit that defines the French designer’s aesthetic, the concept of this 160 sq.m space has been developed by Marant’s studio in close interaction with a group of talented young European designers and artisans. All sharing the same passion for contrasts, happy tensions and subtle imperfection creating a specific approach of an intimate luxury - a luxury that is personal.

Say Isabel Marant, think Parisian flow. Having founded her label in ’94, she instantly became renowned for her pioneering and cosmopolitan spirit bringing self-affirmation and feel good effect to her dégaine. To do so, ever since her launch, she has been trying on each garment before it leaves her studio to ensure everything works in the everyday life of a real woman.

“I design clothes for women who want to have style while keeping their own personality.
The kind of women who remain genuine but who are stamped with a hidden and remote sophistication.”
— Isabel Marant