Crocus Group Team Takes Part in HeroRace

Crocus Group Team Takes Part in HeroRace

A HeroRace that took place on 22 August in Alabino proving ground, Moscow region, gathered a record-breaking 3,000 participants!

Competition debutants — the team of Crocus Group — showed some of the best results. Thanks to a month-long pre-competition training with Crocus Fitness instructors, all participants were able to master the necessary skills to compete in the race and significantly improved their stamina.

Members of the Crocus Group team:

  • Oksana Polyanskaya, Deputy Director of HR Management Department
  • Anna Fedotova, Deputy Director of HR Management Department
  • Andrey Burgart, CEO of Crocus Media
  • Yulia Parado, Head of Communications Department
  • Natalia Mishina, PR Director of EMIN music project
  • Alexey Gogolev, Senior Project Manager of Communications Department
  • Alla Yurovchik, Head of Press Office
  • Aleksandra Kunakh, Senior PR Manager of Press Office
  • Philipp Molkov, Personal trainer at Crocus Fitness First
  • Sergey Dubov, Personal trainer at Crocus Fitness First

An incredibly tough route of over 8 km had 30 different obstacles designed by professional instructors and engineers, many of which the teams were only able to get through thanks to teamwork and mutual support.

The race included numerous slides, steep walls, ropes, flying rings, climbing frames, mud swamps that participants had to dive into, underground tunnels, low barbed wire, and many other things that regular office workers do not tend to face on a day-to-day basis. The more impressions they all had after powering through the obstacles!

Competition participants and team supporters were also very impressed with the work of photographer Maria Pospelova and camera operator Denis Kapranov (Crocus TV) who completed the entire route with the team and even dived into a lake all together!

This was the final race for this season in the Moscow region. The next season starts in the spring of 2021, and everyone interested in joining the Crocus Group team can already start their preparations. Follow our news on the selection of participants for the 2021 season!